Who we are

“TEAM WORKER-CREWING & SR", is a recruiting company based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Company was established in 2017 and created by a team of qualified specialists of recruiting and military sector. We provide a consulting service for East-European ex-military specialists in order to be employed at International Private Security Companies.

We are attractive for the employers by our database and flexible form of cooperation. All of our candidates are highly qualified and certified according to security industry standards. Most of them are UNO peacekeeping mission participants and anti-terrorist operations.

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General Information

Our main activity is searching and manning of the crew according to the ship owners’ orders

We provide:
  • Preliminary interview of the crew with the Captain or Chief Engineer
  • Marlins test to determine the English language level of a seafarer
  • Checking out the previous experience references
  • Seafarers’ documents legitimacy verification.

Our company’s special activity is staff recruiting for the security agencies worldwide.

We provide:
  • Candidates selected on the base of their experience, skills, mental and physical condition
  • Special test in order to understand the professional level of the candidate
  • Polygraph tests of the staff as a part of the overall qualification assurance
  • Special seminars and training for the officers
  • Support in arrangements of the Certificates, Medical examination (Health List/Drug&Alcohol test)

Contact info

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  • For Employees:
    Please download our CV, then fill it in and send to the e-mail below ↓

Team Worker Crew & SR Head office
Tuukri 19-216
Tallinn 888

+372 56 86 86 53