Our Partners

TF 13 PO flag

Tactical Forces XIII International

Tactical Forces XIII International are concentrating the instructors' staff, which originates from Special Units of the Army, Police and other formations that have branches for special tasks.

Tactical Forces 13 staff is above all people with experience in many areas of combat, tactical and sporting activities.


EBSA LA flag


The European Bodyguard & Security Alliance (EBSA) is the official international alliance of professional companies and individual members of the security profession.

The EBSA is a non-profit international alliance involved in organizing, coordinating, giving assistance, technical help and development to its members in Europe and other countries worldwide in the field of security in all its forms.


Partner Systems PO flag

Partner Systems

PARTNER Systems Ltd has been operating as a company since 2000. It specializes in manufacturing filtering devices for water purification in crisis situations (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidental or deliberate water contamination) and devices for storing drinkable water in field.


Alfa Metal BL flag

Alfa Metal

Alfa- Metal a leading international center in Europe, which is conducting special training of protection and security, situated in Bulgaria. Alfa- Metal trains people from all around the world in the field of protection and security, more than 10 years. The courses, that the center offers cover a wide range of programs and meet modern requirements, consistent with international standards in the industry. Skills and vigilance are the key to survive in dangerous situations. In this case our courses would be useful. The passage of our course will provide you with the confidence and skill of a successful reaction in all situations.


Ukrtekbezpeka UA flag


Security company ┬źUkrtekbezpeka┬╗ provides one of the most widespread types of security services: protection of facilities, warehouses, production buildings, byorganizing with ensuring the safety of our clients` material assets.


SPSA UA flag


Sumy Practical Shooting Association is a community of professionals and enthusiasts, skilled in firearms, practical shooting and another kinds of tactical sports. S.P.S.A also provides professional trainings for bodyguards, law enforcement, regular army units and civilians.